Coco is alone now in Ananda Dham

It was hard to leave Ananda Dham last Sunday September 25 . Ranajiit and Rocana came to pick me up and at the time of leaving Coco sat in the car.


Coco likes to be obedient and she get very happy when somebody put her a leash.


She try to do whatever you are doing. Here is Coco ready to climb over the rocks.


How long Coco will be guarding Ananda Dham all alone? Anybody willing to visit and take Coco for a walk?



The coming of Arun Deva from Spain has brought a wave of new energy to Ananda Dham. In his first day of volunteering at the project he sprinted ahead cleaning the greenhouse and preparing for crop planting.

Casually he commented that it would be good to plant some trees has windbreakers in front of the greenhouse. The plastic has been tore apart by the strong winds that usually blow here in the valley.

I woke up this morning at 2 am with the sound of a strong wind and I went out to recognize its strength and direction. For the first time in almost two months I felt the wet air of a rain storm approaching. Yuppee!

Windbreakers are a fantastic opportunity for landscapers and permaculturists to unfold their creativity. I though to attach ropes to the front of the greenhouse connecting it to the pool and intertwine them with straps or colored strips of clothing. Even the birds will be surprised.

Arun will stay at Ananda Dham only one week and he envisions a rotation of volunteers that would give a dynamic propulsion to the project. Each one will bring different experiences and knowledge nurturing a unique development for the project.


Happy Juicing at Ananda Dham

In a previous visit to Ananda Dham two of its well-wishers and good friends advised me to make a fresh juice of cactus and apple and drink it early in the morning. One was telling to the other friend that it was his personal secret to have recovered black hairs. “Are you sure?” I asked in disbelief. “Yes, it is not a matter of black hairs only. He recovered energy and stamina and the hairs are just the reflection of it.” Continue reading Happy Juicing at Ananda Dham

Co-Co and I

“Good morning Co-Co”. Co-Co was lying on her comfortable mattress and she barely wagged the tail. When she saw that I had a Annie’s strawberry yogurt she became interested but at the sight of the camera she adopted her formal sitting position. She likes to show that she is well behaved and whenever you do something she like she will behave very well. Continue reading Co-Co and I

Near Lake Hughes – California