What an ant can do?

Sometime I overwork. It means that I don’t stop working until I have finished the task and this determination may result in compromising the routine that includes meditation and meals. This is bad. Work never ends and if you expects to finish it by a certain time or date you may get big surprises.

But today I got confident and I stopped working in time knowing that everything was going to be completed by itself at its own pace. And it happened. The mind got free and there was no waste of energy in anxious expectation. That is when I went for solving the pump problem.

I was told that ants may compromise the contacts in a pump. I took apart the contact box and sure enough I found a tiny ant just in the middle of one of the contacts. It was enough to make the pump appear as dead. One tiny little ant.

As I completed the cleaning I knew for sure that the problem was solved so I didn’t hurry and when I finished I took Co-Co for a walk. Co-Co choose to explore some bushes and she stopped in the shadow by a sandy mound. I let her enjoy chasing the animals and I fell in a kind of open eyes contemplation.

One ant was carrying a small white stone shaped as a cone with a black dot in the middle of the base. The more she was trying to climb the mound and the more she was miserably falling down. Yet she was holding the stone in the mouth and keep trying until she was able to find some better ground and climb up.

She arrived in a place that had nothing special an unexpectedly she dropped the stone. Then she circled around and picked up the same stone again and she dropped it almost immediately. Finally she went back down the mound and I lost track of her.

After at least half an hour of this contemplation I was ready to go back and Co-Co too. As I crossed the gate I removed the leash and Co-Co run to cool in a makeshift pool made out of a tarp and filled with water.


I did the same. I went in the bathroom and as the pump was now working I sat under the shower relaxing and enjoying. That is when another type of activity came to mind. A healing therapy based on walking on different grounds and different waters.

This therapy is designed for improving blood circulation and it is used in some thermal centers in Italy. It is a circuit in which the person first walks in a shallow pool with hot water and small stones on the ground and then walks in another shallow pool with cold water and sandy ground. Each pool is about 10 feet long and the water is knee deep.

In Ananda Dham I have a few dismissed tubs including a feet deep one which can be easily buried at ground level and filled with water. A tub of course is not 10 feet long but a good deep in the water can make the difference. Now I have to find the right spot and start digging.


Co-Co spot is in the shade by the house so it is very convenient. There is a chicken enclosure behind the house which has a nice shade and a bit of privacy. At present it is used just for drying the cloths on the line. It may host a sauna equipment instead of the chicken house. Or another big tub. Or just an open air shower. Let us leave here to let the imagination settle. It is just an idea.