The Power of Nature

This morning Co-Co and I were meditating under the big tree in the flood basin. After we walked on the dry river bed and she was happy smelling the ground and chasing the birds that like this particular place.


The panorama was surreal, most trees are the stomps of the burned trees of three years ago and there was something odd to my look. A huge pile of tires outside the fences of the property. Just few of them were in the river bed and I started to figure it out how to use them to make games.


Nothing meaningful came to my mind so I decided to roll the tires down in the river bed and remove the pile. I scattered them so that each one would not be on the top of each other. Yes, it is possible to make some games out of these tires and maybe some shelters but it was enough work for the morning. I had to take care of the shortage of water created by a leak at the base of the big water tank which feeds the whole property including the house.

I filled up some buckets to use in the bathrooms and used some of the water in the drums to water the plants. I took a refreshing bath with one of the buckets of water and finally I relaxed completely. I thought

– For me this is life. I really do not need anything else.

True? No, as a human being I like company and being in a flow with others. I like to serve and I like to sing or chant and play music with others. I like to cook and eat with others. I like to be happy with others and celebrate. I can stay without it but up to a certain limit.

I prepared breakfast for Co-Co with some of the homemade bread that I had in the refrigerator. To keep anything outside would be a gift for the ants which I cannot afford at present time. Finally I prepared an oatmeal with walnuts and peanut butter and I was ready to eat when Co-Co started to sigh as she is (officially) not allowed to be in the house.

Some fantasies came to mind about having reality games at Ananda Dham. When the tank started to leak and the pump was not working I felt the whole world was falling on my head. And when the tank leak got repaired and the pump started to work again it was like touching heaven with one finger.

Spiritually it is all a game that we normally call reality or nature. And it is a very interesting game as nature is very powerful. The lesson to learn is how to adjust with nature and avoid fighting head to head.

It is said that when there is a illness nature provide the right remedy just in the near proximity. Even with plants if a plant is toxic you may find its antidote nearby. So it is for any challenge, the solution is behind the corner, we need just to look in the right place.

And I continue to enjoy the morning walks with Coco. This morning she brought me in a place where she like to smell around and she gets really excited. I thought she was smelling some dogs around. Anyhow it is her business and I let her off the leash. She went chasing the birds as usual around the bushes. I sat and adjusted the straw hat that happened to have been forgotten just on that spot.

Suddenly there was a big commotion. I called Co-Co and she was not there. Two beautiful coyotes came out jumping from one bush. They saw me and they run away. Co-Co was not in sight. As I called her she came. It was time to go back. I resisted and then I walked away towards the road. Eventually she followed and offered the neck for the leash. What else should I say … nature is very powerful indeed.