The visit of Juan and Michelle

It was unexpected. Six thirty in the morning Co-Co started barking. I looked at the window and I saw a couple of people outside the gate. It was almost the time for the usual morning walk with Co-Co so I hurried up to open and invite them to come in.

Michelle and Juan both practice yoga and meditation. They were just passing when they saw the sign and they got curious. We shared some meditation and chanting together and after we enjoyed preparing breakfast together.

Co-Co was so happy to have guests and Michelle took her for a walk. Juan remained to cook pancakes which was something new for him. But the best was the preparation of the cactus juice, another novelty for them. I was admired witnessing their total acceptance and finally we had a very good breakfast together.

It was a special grace that they came right in the time that I was trying to figure out how the water irrigation works. Juan was quick to understand the switches system and we got water in the far field where some peach trees are still alive. Michelle took the opportunity to harvest some wild sage and just before leaving Juan got on the slackline to celebrate the light atmosphere and new friendship we established.

As they went with an happy smile on their face I felt so happy too. I started working to the irrigation system slowly but determined to close all the water spills. I counted four of them and one by one they got all repaired.  Now every single spigot is in working condition and I am waiting for those capable volunteers that are announced to come for making more progress for the organic farm.

And of course I wait for Juan and Michelle to come again, alone or with their friends. Yoga is not just an exercise, it is to find joy and happiness while doing any little chore or work. Anybody can do this yoga. It is easy. Blessing for all.