Spiritual Warrior Camp

Originally designed by Dada Mokseshvarananda at Ananda Vrati Master Unit, the spiritual warrior camp have had edition allover the world with regular unbounded success among participants.


The basics are as follows:

It is a weekend residential activity with a packed schedule of outdoor activities in which two teams are challenged with trials and against each other.

There is a “theme” which normally ties up with environmental causes or value based struggles. Morality and spirituality become weapons for fighting the inner and external enemies that manifests when individuals and teams are subjected to physical and mental pressure.

There is normally a field day on Sunday where the two teams confront themselves in a kind of scavenger hunt with hints and trials hidden in the nature. They have maps, they pack their own food and they go off for achieving a goal in a few hours trial with a few facilitator creating extra obstacles for them and monitoring the reactions and the progress towards the goal.

There is a celebration for at the end of the day before closing the camp which brings the sense of overcoming all obstacles through the help of spiritual ideation and team work.

Participants are required to accept the rules of the camp since the beginning through a kind of initiation challenge in which they are deprivedĀ of their personal belongings like laptops or cellulars and of course any kind of weapon. They will be duly returned at the end of the camp.

If the facility allows there are sometimes fighting or frightening challenges in secure conditions like paint ball, obstacle course, rappelling, etc. which help to overcome fear as one of the biggest enemies to overcome.


Sometimes the experience of a sweat lodge is also part of the program when there is a facilitator able to guide the process.