Middle Ropes Course

In spiritual philosophy we follow the middle path: neither too extreme nor too easy and accommodating. Similarly in adventures and outdoor challenges we wish to offer a middle course that can be challenging for anyone without being dangerous or requiring special equipments.

When you have ropes you can do almost anything. And here in Ananda Dham we have of course plenty ropes of different kinds. But I have found here that special canape rope that is perfect for walking as it does not hurt at all both at bare foot and with light shoes.

It does not hurt even the trees and still it can be tight at will or changed in its hight from the ground. This morning I set a couple of double ropes which can be recognized in the picture if you have attention to details. One of them has an overhang rope for holding while walking.

I personally love slacklining and I got a certain practice. Some people are so expert that they can do yoga postures balancing on a rope. I am not that expert but I like to walk above the ground, feel the space around and free the mind from all occupations.  I can use chanting or meditation but slacklining make me more happy and joyful.

So we have it, a middle rope course waiting for more with your participation and creativity. And if you are a juggler or you like juggling please do come. We need to have some fun and do some practice. I thought to do Clown Yoga but here we can Clown Farming and make this place more colorful, unique and still productive.