Happy Juicing at Ananda Dham

In a previous visit to Ananda Dham two of its well-wishers and good friends advised me to make a fresh juice of cactus and apple and drink it early in the morning. One was telling to the other friend that it was his personal secret to have recovered black hairs. “Are you sure?” I asked in disbelief. “Yes, it is not a matter of black hairs only. He recovered energy and stamina and the hairs are just the reflection of it.”


I have grey hair and actually I am not in good health. My energy level is very low in spite of all the yoga and meditation I do. At distance of two weeks as I woke up with a very low condition I decided to give it a try. I took one cactus leaf, one apple and I juice it. Here at Ananda Dham we have a very good juicer and it is not so difficult to clean.

I drank the fresh juice and then I started the day with the usual chores. I felt good. I took Co-Co for the morning stroll and we went on another trail. When I came back unexpectedly I was not hungry. I started cooking as I am expecting guests this morning and I decided to prepare for them an Happy Juice.


So I went bare foot to pick up a fresh cactus leaf and I added the last apple I had, a aloe vera leaf also from the garden and two slice of pineapple. I bottled it in a small Naked Juice empty bottle and store it in the refrigerator waiting for their arrival.

As I didn’t have fresh leaves for the cooking I used some grape leaves from the garden and some weeds which looked similar to epasote, the traditional herb used for cooking beans in Latin countries. Main dish is spaghetti with basil pesto. I hope they will all like it.