Financing Development of Ananda Dham

We offer several models. Each one may have its limitations but altogether may offer a way to create a flow of people interested to the success of the project.

The sponsorship:

A fruit tree like a peach or cherry or apricot costs 50 usd. A sponsorship for one year which include the rights for harvesting the produce on any of the trees is an additional 50 usd a year. 

A pair of lamas costs 100 usd each. We can arrange the donation of two old lamas but 8 usd a week for feeding and maintenance have to be considered. Lamas are known to keep off the coyotes.

A dog for chasing gophers costs 150 usd plus other 300 usd a year for feeding and maintenance. Our Co-Co is on duty chasing the ground squirrels and threatening the rats which sometimes catches with its paws.

Tiny House Development:

A tiny house costs 6,000 to be build and it is yours. We can set it on a plot of land adjacent to the master unit and you will have a garden as well for your care. Maintenance costs is 5 usd a day.

Farm Cooperative:

The land is open for development and the tools are mostly already available. A farming cooperative can take the responsibility to run the operation and share the profits.


The present capacity of hospitality is 12 people in beds plus one camper and plenty space for camping. Cost is 50 usd per day per person including vegetarian meals.

Volunteer work:

Ananda Dham used to run with a flow of volunteers coming to help planting, maintaining and harvesting the peach farm. Now that we don’t have trees in production volunteers are still an asset and are most welcome.

Visits and selling to transiting people:

Farms are normally open to people who wish to u-pick or simply visit. Additional items and refreshments can be sold generating some income. This is mainly during the summer season.

Summer Camps:

This is the way most big projects around Ananda Dham have developed. City inner kids are brought to experience country life entertaining them with different games according to age and vocation. For Ananda Dham a spiritual warrior camp for example can be designed and run.

Training Self-Sufficiency:

Ananda Dham is an ideal setting for training and self-sufficiency including living off the grid and organic agriculture or permaculture are in demand.

Author Hermitage:

There is very little noise and disturbance in Ananda Dham and writers or other talented artists may choose to live in a semi-confined environment in order to produce their pieces of mastery. A tiny house rental can be combined.

These are just ideas that can be developed in individual or collective projects. Venues can be arranged for bringing people together and discuss these relevant topics regarding financing development of Ananda Dham.

Costs figures can be tuned and a whole cost benefit evaluation can be set on a computer spreadsheet. But everything depends on people who wishes to invest in the development of a project which is important as a model of rural self-sufficiency and as a piece of a more valued oriented society.

Comments and Discussion:

I like the idea of a food forest – very much….. this could be in conjunction with other serves offered.
I like the idea of tiny houses and the possibility of facilitating a smallish community of tiny houses – very cool
I like the idea of producing non-medical hemp which can be used for textile and oil production.
I like the idea of producing something in light manufacturing – probably not food  b/c of extra regulations for food production.
To manufacture something aligned with net-humanism and which is self sustaining and income generating would be great.   Sun ovens could be a cool thing to make.
I like the idea of a retreat center
I like the idea offering an opportunity for inner city children to visit the natural environment.
I like the idea to offer yoga healing retreats.
Mukunda from Portland, Oregon
A master unit project suppose to serve the community or have a social purpose. Specifically it has been given the example of the project called “Boys Town” started by Father Flanagan during the big depression which became an example for youth development and it has developed till today. See
The idea is to connect the need for shelter that is so strong in Los Angeles with a project that may have a significant impact as a model for solving the homeless problem, at least for one of the most vulnerable population, the children.
Dada Vimaleshananda from Ananda Dham in California