Co-Co and I

“Good morning Co-Co”. Co-Co was lying on her comfortable mattress and she barely wagged the tail. When she saw that I had a Annie’s strawberry yogurt she became interested but at the sight of the camera she adopted her formal sitting position. She likes to show that she is well behaved and whenever you do something she like she will behave very well.


After eating the yogurt that she loves by the way, I cleaned her room as it was stained by the blood of the rats that occasionally she catches. She is very proud of catching small animals and she passes her time licking her paws where the long nails are well placed. As a matter of fact a small rat was there already warped but not eaten.


Co-Co likes very much not to be excluded by any activity and she starts to sigh when she cannot see what I am doing. She enters in the bathroom and when I tell her go out she obeys, but I cannot stay with closed doors. It is a bit embarrassing at the beginning but now I am used to it.


At present there is no running water and I bath outside in the sun. Co-Co takes the opportunity to bath too and she lie down belly up waiting that I splashes with water. Then she walks away and stirs up to shake the excess of water.

She likes very much to take cooked food and she prefer it to the regular dog food. Sometimes she wait a whole day before going on the dog food hoping to get some cooked food. Normally she eat everything but if she has the choice she will leave bean and bananas behind. Vegetarian for her is fine but fruits and beans are not her preferred food.

One morning I went outside the gate with Co-Co and she started running around with the cars that obviously where disturbed. She was trying to get a ride or at least some attention. She is extremely friendly with people and they think she has been abandoned. I decided to train her on a leash.

The morning after as I grabbed the leash Co-Co became extremely happy. She run over the pick-nick table and I could easily put the leash on her neck. Then she started to pull towards the gate and I was off with her. She pretended to behave well but
when there was a bird or a car she was irresistibly attracted. With a swift movement of the neck she freed herself of the leash and I started screaming as the car was quite close to hit her.

When I scream she puts the tail between the legs and normally she behave. I have found that the voice is important more than the leash but still I had to find a solution for having her remaining on the leash.

The day after I had an intuition and I put the leash in a way that it was tighter. It worked and this time she adopted another strategy to make her point. When she wanted to do something that was not allowed she was just sitting and not moving. Not possible to drag her by force. Again I found that the only way was to use the voice and to shout at her. I never thought it could take so much energy to train a dog. Maybe I don’t have experience and she takes advantage of it.


This morning I wanted to bring her off the road on a trail. It was a good walk from our Ananda Dham Master Unit and I started very early before breakfast. I fed her a yogurt and we started. She was pulling nicely facilitating my walk and when we arrived to the trail  I had to take initiative before she was ready to lead. The trails around Lake Hughes area are actually very nice and they are all kept cleaned and shaped. Co-Co pulled nicely up and we went along the windy trail which rises towards the crest. The sun was already getting high enough to feel the heat and I had no head cover and no water. I could not take the risk to make it long. Yet we went for a while and the road behind was getting smaller and smaller.


The trail had a sharp turn on the left and I was thinking to go back but Co-Co still wanted to proceed and i accepted her will. After the turn no more than quarter of a mile I spotted on the right a hole. I thought Co-Co could be interested but she didn’t. So I was thinking to go back but still Co-Co wanted to go ahead. That is when I thought to explore the hole and I lied down putting the feet in the hole holding the leash with Co-Co behind. Co-Co didn’t enter. It was only when I was all through that finally she came in.

The hole was the access to a cave which was very well shaped in the form of a long tunnel apparently hand made such was regular in its height and width. I went in with the head down until the light from the hole was enough to see and I could not see the end of it. Co-Co lied down two times making clear that she was not interested to proceed in the exploration. And I had to accept her will. I climbed the hole back with Co-Co staying in the cool of the cave as long as possible and finally we were back on our foot steps.


I thought I should come back there another time with a head light and meditate there. Caves are a big treat for those who like meditation. The experience of silence and darkness brings quickly to a state of absolute concentration and timeless perfection. But I thanked Co-Co because if it was not for her I would have found the cave.

As I write this little story Co-Co is lying by the window where sometimes catches the flies. Sometimes she scratches herself on the carpet which is a bit more disturbing but I will not chase her out. As I have to take breakfast yet she is waiting patiently for some cooked food. Oatmeal with raisins and Annie’s yogurt will be fine for both of us.