What an ant can do?

Sometime I overwork. It means that I don’t stop working until I have finished the task and this determination may result in compromising the routine that includes meditation and meals. This is bad. Work never ends and if you expects to finish it by a certain time or date you may get big surprises.

The Power of Nature

This morning Co-Co and I were meditating under the big tree in the flood basin. After we walked on the dry river bed and she was happy smelling the ground and chasing the birds that like this particular place.

Co-Co and I

“Good morning Co-Co”. Co-Co was lying on her comfortable mattress and she barely wagged the tail. When she saw that I had a Annie’s strawberry yogurt she became interested but at the sight of the camera she adopted her formal sitting position. She likes to show that she is well behaved and whenever you do… Continue reading Co-Co and I