Welcome to Ananda Dham

Ananda Dham is a project dedicated to farming and much more. Ananda Dham was originally a peach farm with an organic orchard (as in the picture). After the fire in 2013 that destroyed most of the plants there has been a period of rest. On March 1 2016 there has been a meeting of Ananda… Continue reading Welcome to Ananda Dham

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The coming of Arun Deva from Spain has brought a wave of new energy to Ananda Dham. In his first day of volunteering at the project he sprinted ahead cleaning the greenhouse and preparing for crop planting. Casually he commented that it would be good to plant some trees has windbreakers in front of the greenhouse.… Continue reading Windbreakers

The visit of Juan and Michelle

It was unexpected. Six thirty in the morning Co-Co started barking. I looked at the window and I saw a couple of people outside the gate. It was almost the time for the usual morning walk with Co-Co so I hurried up to open and invite them to come in.

Middle Ropes Course

In spiritual philosophy we follow the middle path: neither too extreme nor too easy and accommodating. Similarly in adventures and outdoor challenges we wish to offer a middle course that can be challenging for anyone without being dangerous or requiring special equipments.