Ananda Dham Mission

“To provide a model of self-sufficiency utilizing resources in a progressive way”

Progressive means that the utilization can be sustained. For example we use organic methods of cultivation because it helps the soil to remain alive and regenerate itself.

Resources includes not only the soil, water, and man power but also all the intellectual and spiritual capital that is necessary for an all-round development of a community.

Ananda Dham is a volunteer based project. All work is given without expectation as a form of mission to the happiness and welfare of the whole.

The word ‘Ä€nanda’ means ‘bliss’ in Pali, Sanskrit as well as other Indian languages. It is a popular name in India and Indonesia.

Ananda is that happiness that does not end. That is not limited to the mundane satisfaction. That is beyond pleasure and pain.

Dham has a powerful meaning. It comes from the very dhamati meaning “to light a fire, to kindle a fire by blowing on it”.

Dham means a spiritually empowered place where one’s Ista (spiritual goal) resides and can be felt by people. This is why it is one’s true home, a place of delight, radiant light, spleadour, majesty, order, state of being.