Along the years

Peach Farm managers:

Dada Hitendrananda, 1993-4
Dada Divyajyoti, 1994-5
Dada Manatosananda, 1995-8
Dada Jiiveshananda, 1999-2000
Rector Dada Ramashrayananda, 2000
Dada Ajay, 2001
Dada Arindam, 2002
Rector Dada Shubhamayananda, 2003-2008
Dada Gananathananda, 1998-2014

The following is an article published on Crimson Dawn in the year 2009:

As a commercial organic farm Ananda Marga Peach Farm is labor intensive. The yoga and meditation sign seems in contrast with the harshness of the high desert environment of the area, one hour distance from Los Angeles, in the mountain ridge near Lake Hughes,CA. Yet it is a blissful place. There are many lessons to learn here, maybe one for each person. For some is the organic farming, for others is the big lesson of balancing hard work with inner discovery.

Dada Gananathananda is a master of both the arts. He guides the interns that regularly come to the farm with sure strokes of deeper wisdom. The rest is left to the work and to the place as supreme teachers. I mention Dada how the battery of the camera seems not to charge here. He replies:

“This is a very tantric place, at the beginning nothing seems to work, then you find your way.”

This is practical tantra, the one that you cannot learn by reading books or listening to enchanting talks.
Scott is leaving today after six weeks of weeding, harvesting, planting and selling at the farmer’s market:

“I think that the yoga and meditation atmosphere at the Peach farm created a nice balance with the hard physical labor of farming. It gave me two very different methods of focusing my mind.”

Today will be harvest as tomorrow there is market. Whatever the field can offer will be sold. The peaches are growing on the trees. Middle September to end of October will be the pick season. There will be peaches in all possible forms, fresh, jam, dried, cobbler and whatever creative hand can add to it. Many volunteers will come. Will you be one of them? Call Dada at the Peach Farm …